Ahmed Khalifa
Based in Brooklyn, USA

Release date:
14 November, 2013

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Match a Number is a simple number puzzle game where you aim to match numbers to gain the highest score you can. You play the game by moving your finger over colored numbers to reach your target result in 3 gameplay modes (normal, puzzle, multiplayer) with 3 different difficulties (easy, medium, hard).


  • Normal: Play against time and compete for highest score
  • Puzzle: Play 10 puzzle levels and compete for highest score
  • Multiplayer: Play with local player on your iPhone/iPad and the first player who gets 50 score wins


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Awards & Recognition

    Match A Number has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

    Selected Quotes

      • "Superb, I love the gameplay, it's nothing fancy, very simple, concise and challenging, it sure puts your brain to work."
        - Lokarunith, LudumDare27
      • "Great game, simple objective, simple gain."
        - maxsammy, Newgrounds
      • "I have to say, the most valuable thing about this game is that you have literally made math fun."
        - Sushin00, Newgrounds
      • "...you'll definitely adore it."
        - Gnome, IndieGames
      • "...creative game causing addiction (4.5 / 5)"
        - Anmar El Abdy, iOSCafe (Translated)
      • "Great game by the way, at least not for the retardeds..."
        - egedemon, Newgrounds
      • "Multiplayer is very strong - simple and nicely competitive. Myself and my girlfriend had a heated battle!"
        - Simon, IOJOE

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      About Ahmed Khalifa

      Ahmed Abdel Samea Khalifa is a PhD Candidate at NYU and Indie Game Designer/Developer living in Brooklyn.

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      Match A Number Credits

      Ahmed Abdel Samea Khalifa
      Game Designer, Game Developer

      Agent Whiskers
      Music, Sound Effects

      presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks