A Twisted Rock, Paper, Scissors Game
inspired by
Threes - 2048
Rock, Paper, Scissors
"...is a game featuring an admittedly wildly twisted version of rock, paper, scissors that is simply ingenious and incredibly addictive."
Gnome / IndieGames
"RPSwipe isn't quite Threes! (but then, what is?), but it's an different take on the tile-based swipe puzzler that should interest veterans of the genre. The multiplayer mode is a neat addition, too."
Chris Priestman / PocketGamer
"RPSwipe is really great. My favourite part is the lovely music. I hope you sell tons of copies."
McFunkypants / OneGameAMonth
"RPSwipe is great! Very fun to play and a nice spin on Threes formula."
Talha Kaya / Kayabros
"Where other tile sliding games emphasize board clearing, RPSwipe requires a delicate balance of adversarial elements..."
Stephen Altamirano / EvilRobotStuff
"RPSwipe is simple, relaxing game of rock, paper, scissor with relaxing music which gets you in the mood of the game."
Faisal Bakhurjj / Genius Force
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